Why choose LPR? 

First of all, safety: the license plate serves as a virtual ticket, and grants free-flow access, preventing stolen cars or ticket swapping. Since ticket and license plate have to match at entry and exit, it is almost impossible to pursue fraudulent behaviors. With LPR you can also easily manage black lists and be in control of all the events and movements at entrance and exit.

LPR is highly reliable: in case of lost tickets, it is easy to determine the actual entry time from the license plate number. 

In addition, LPR also allows multiple integrations and customisations, especially for contract parking where users can smoothly access the car park without any titles other than the vehicle license plate. 

Our software allows for dynamic vehicle locking, blocking the boom from opening for a specified timeframe.

With LPR, it is also possible to enter with a pre-paid ticket, or use cashless payment solutions. Another benefit offered by LPR at entries/exits is the possibility to book a parking space in advance, to ensure the driver a hassle-free experience. 

This solution can be retrofitted and added to existing solutions.